“If YOU change first, then everything around you will change too!”

Sonja Ortner
The Power of YOU

In the three Part program: “The Power of YOU”, I will show you in my three videos how this strength and change is possible. How you can use your own power and strength - for yourself!

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The Power of YOU

In order to change something in a positive way in your life, you have to change yourself first. This is the the most important thing!  You can’t always change the people, things or the situation around you – but it’s always possible to change yourself.

The great thing is that if you change yourself, everything around you can change in a positive way as well. Your own inner energy radiates outwards into the environment around you.

The strength and the power comes from YOU!

In the three Part program:  “The Power of YOU”, I will show you in my three videos  how this strength and change is possible. How you can use your own power and strength  – for yourself!

The program “The Power of YOU” is divided into 3 different modules, one video for each module. I have packed all MY power and energy  into these videos so that they can shine positively on you so that you can derive benefit from them and  take something positive for YOUR life.

“The program” The Power of YOU “will change your whole life in a positive way, Whatever you want to achieve!”

Sonja Ortner

The 3 modules of: The Power of YOU

The three video modules are available separately, but of course it makes sense to go through all three, one after the other, as the modules cover the entire spectrum.

If you are only interested in one module in particular, it is of course also possible to purchase the respective individual module.

The modules are self-contained and can be used independently. They simply deal with different topics.


  • recorded video. I put in a lot of energy that motivates and strengthens you.
  • Workbook, where I summarize the most important details for you. You will get homework and helpful tips to work through the topic successfully
  • Lifelong access to the video. You can re-listen to the video whenever you need support.

“Create your dream life ACTIVELY, from a vision into a reality: Being – Doing – Having.”


The Power of YOU: Module # 1: Your inner Energy

In the first video I will show you what it means to be in the inner flow of energy. It is so important to have your own personal power that is always there, regardless of external factors and regardless of how you are feeling.

I’ll teach you what personal power is, how you can develop your personal power and even more importantly, how to maintain your personal power, even when difficulties arise.

I will also tell you how you set your standards and your boundaries so that you don’t let anything into your life that doesn’t work for you.

A big topic in the first module is self-love and self-care. You are the love of your life and you have to treat yourself that way, too. A high level of self-love is so immensely important to get ahead in life and to draw positive things into your life and thus to become magnetic and attractive to people and things.

The Power of YOU: Module # 2: Cleanse your Spirit

Negative thoughts and deeply rooted negative beliefs often prevent us from making positive changes in life. Only when you free your inner spirit, your mind, from all the old “Bagage”, from the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back only then you can make progress. Transform those negative elements into positive thoughts and beliefs and formulate affirmations that correspond to your target vision. Then positive things will start to happen to you!

If you don’t do your cleansing work, nothing will change.

You have to be at peace with yourself, free yourself from all your old wounds and negative thoughts, otherwise you cannot bring anything new into your life, because the negative beliefs, which are anchored in your whole body, will always pull you back into the old patterns of behaviour.

We also talk about the topic of the inner child, your little baby queen. Everything that you experienced in your childhood from the people, principally from your father and your mother, those who raised you. All good and bad is anchored in your body like a hard disk on a computer.

I will explain to you how you can free yourself from the wounds of your childhood and how you can detach yourself from everything that is not useful for your life, when it really belongs to your father or your mother – not to you!

The Power of YOU: Module # 3: Enjoy your Journey

Module 3 is about setting yourself goals and about leadership.

What is your vision for your life, what do you want to achieve?

Where are you now and where do you want to go?

In your relationship, concerning ​​money, in business or simply how YOU are feeling..

“Life is a continuous learning process and we are able to grow and develop throughout our whole lifetime.”

Sonja Ortner

That is the mission of our lives. I will also explain how you set goals, how you can sow the seeds of your professional and personal wealth and how you get from one stage, from one goal to the next. How you can motivate yourself again and again to keep going and never give up before the finish line.

I will also address the time factor. What is the difference between time and timing?

How long will it take for me to reach my goal?

What do I do when things are not going so well?

I’ll also explain how to celebrate your goal or your sub-goal. Because it’s very important to celebrate in the right way.

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