“YOU can make the change to live a life full of prosperity!”

Sonja Ortner

I have been running my own, successful company in marketing, public relations and events, including  both digital and live events, for over 13 years. I hold a degree in business administration focused on marketing and finance as well as a post-graduate degree in service and relationship marketing from the Hanken Elite University in Helsinki / Finland.

For many years, I have been intimately involved with coaching, both for myself and for my business. I was doing this both to develop and grow personally as well as to develop and grow my own company, step by step. In addition, I have done In – depth research into papers, books’ and podcasts dealing with the subject of “personal development and personal & business training” and I have had the support of national and international coaches and mentors.

I completed a coaching education course from an American Business Woman. She’s one of the best in the mentor coaching business worldwide.  I’m still learning from her, because it’s all about evolution and growth over a lifetime.

When you have a successful mentor coach at your side, everything goes much faster and you can save yourself a lot of detours. Further successful development for business is directly linked to personal development because you radiate that from yourself, into your environment, with customers and partners.

“YOU can make the change to live a life full of prosperity!” Sonja Ortner

I’ve learned so many things of so much value to me. I’ve become happy and satisfied from the inside to the outside and all of my self-improvement work has had a very positive impact on my company. If you work first to get rid of your blockages and negative attitudes, which can be deeply rooted in all of us either from childhood or across generations, stored in the subconscious – if you can take them and convert them into positive energy, then a lot of positive things can come into your life; for yourself, for your relationships, in dealing with your friends and your network and for your business relations with customers.

You can become a magnetic influencer with your customers and at the same time you can be relaxed and have a high level of personal energy coming from within you. For me, the topic of mentor coaching has become an affair of the heart, which I would also like to pass on to other women and support them in fulfilling their goals, their visions in life and their dreams! And if we can do this together, you can make quantum leaps. I would like to accompany you and help you to be wealthy, happy and satisfied inside and out!

“Women can have everything: money, a successful business, a loving relationship and happiness.

YOU are the CREATRIX.” Sonja Ortner

Mag. Sonja Ortner

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