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The Business Portal – a great investment to work together with me!

Make your Business more successfully!

The Business Portal Weekly Newsletter will provide you with my tools, both professionally and energetically, to raise your business to your next level.

I’ll show you very useful, proven and embodied tips how to get more successful in your online business, online marketing, sales strategies as well as branding and communication tools to attract aligned clients and to make more money.

Your energy is your currency! I’ll teach you how to prepare yourself to raise your vibration and frequency of energy for abundance and wealth!

€ 20/month
1/2 year: € 120 pay in full only
1 year: € 240 pay in full only

You will get from me:
a weekly written, audio or video newsletter with practical guidelines how to implement it in your business
= a total of 4 very powerful monthly activations for more personal empowerment and success in your business

This is for entrepreneurs of various industries / for coaches / for business high-achievers / employees, who want to upgrade professionally.

We’ll cover the following topics:

  • personal development & growth
  • online marketing, social media
  • Public Relations, events, summits
  • selling, how to grow your audience
  • offer and service creation
  • increasing your energy
  • money topics
  • pricing and how to raise your pricing
  • branding and brand management

What you will get

Weekly Newsletter activation with powerful content!

Business Portal

1/2 year
€ 120

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Business Portal

1 year
€ 240

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